Good news! For those of you who have been unable to play due to the nasty mouse-over bug, try this build! Note: if you have not been having this problem, there are no other fixes in this build that will be visible, and therefore no need to update.

Imperia V.301 Change Log/Readme

* Please uninstall any previous version of Imperia before installing a new version. I have not yet added patch ability. The good news is that the install is relatively quick.

* I am updating the Sourceforge Imperia wiki periodically and this will be the best document for questions and how to play Imperia. Please refer back to it frequently.

* Hotfix to fix major crash bug with certain computers not running an exclusively English character set – basically the SpriteFont was running out of characters and couldn’t cope, causing a crash whenever certain non-standard characters came up.

* None

* None

Unresolved Issues
* One crash due to computer flagging in-game music as DRM protected (it is not). Possible issue with WMP. Investigating.



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