Welcome to Alliance of the Sacred Suns, formerly Imperia, the free in-development empire simulator. Follow along as I develop one of my dream concepts, and if you feel like giving some advice, I’m all ears!

My name is Steve Hawkins, and I am the developer of Alliance of the Sacred Suns. Please post here if you have any questions about the game or about me. Thanks for checking Imperia out!

If you want to reach me directly for questions, you can Email me at texashawk76@yahoo.com.



  1. Hi Steve, I’m trying to play your game, it’s really interesting but hard to play, I need a manual! After a few turns all my planets are rioting and\or without construction materials. And how do i build ships?

    1. Hi Michele! Thanks for trying Imperia! I actually just updated the wiki significantly, so that most of the concepts should be explained. I will also be adding a more detailed ‘walkthrough’ with pictures so that should help somewhat. I will probably both add it to the wiki and add it as an article here! If you have any specific questions I’d be happy to answer them! In answer to your specific questions:

      Riots – The latest update toned down riots a lot, so that shouldn’t be much of an issue unless the planet is badly out of whack. Materials – Go to http://imperia5x.wikidot.com/concepts:materials for a better explanation. Ships will be coming in the .4 development cycle!


  2. wow, I just discovered this page and I’m thrilled to see that this is an active development! I stumble across soo many awesome looking projects that get abandoned, I’m downloading now and I caaan’t to see a full stable version 🙂

  3. This is a revolutionary game Steven! You have brilliantly added the elements that give life to the 4x game. Its like adding Crusader Kings II on a space level. This is something Stellaris should have been. I am really looking forward to Imperia and more so I would be very much excited to see how Imperia influences future mods or games. Please at least make a Facebook page of your game. PUH LEZ !!!

    Imperial Galactic likes

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